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Comprehensive Smile Makeover

Your smile has a major and lasting impact on the way that everyone perceives you -- including yourself.

Dr. Park can design a custom-made smile to suit your unique facial features and bring out the most beautiful you possible. During an initial consultation, Dr. Park will evaluate your smile and its relationship to facial and other features unique to you. Dr. Park will discuss with you your vision for your smile, as well as the various treatment options available.

Often, teeth whitening is the first step, so that natural teeth will be lightened to the dazzling bright shade that many patients desire for their final outcome. After the teeth that are outside the treatment plan are whitened, the smile makeover can truly begin.

Through a variety of techniques and treatment options, including porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, laser gum re-shaping and direct composite bonding, a smile can be completely changed while maintaining proper functionality and day-to-day comfort.

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