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Zoom! Advanced Teeth Whitening ("Bleaching")

Our office offers "Zoom! Advanced", the latest model of Zoom! whitening systems and a replacement of the popular "Zoom! 2" system.

Using a combination of prescription strength whitening gels and a specially developed light activation system, Zoom! Advanced can provide instant results in a single 45-minute appointment.
As an added benefit of having Zoom! Advanced treatment at our office, patients also receive the following as a part of our Zoom! service:
  • No fee consultation
  • Before and after printed photos
  • Fluoridex - Rx-strength fluoride toothpaste
  • Follow-up appointment

  • (Take-home touch-up kit available for additional fee)

  • Some patients are curious about whitening strips or other semi-custom whitening systems sold at drug stores. Although those over-the-counter whitening products may produce some whitening, the prescription strength products offered at our office, dispensed under the expert supervision of Dr. Park, will provide superior results.

    In addition to the over-the-counter products being less effective generally, those products are also prone to spotty or splotchy whitening, as the whitening gels often do not evenly contact the target area.

    Take Home Whitening
    Our office also offers take-home kits which can be just as effective as Zoom! Advantage. These take-home kits are great when a patient has the time and discipline to make effective use of them. Also, a patient can perform touch-ups whenever necessary. However, the downside is that these systems require approximately 2-weeks to take full effect, and may not be ideal when a last-minute photo-op event is coming up.

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